What's Your Situation?

Note: These are hypothetical situations to illustrate the ways I have helped clients and are not representative of any specific investment. Your results may vary.

Situation 1: Retirement

Bill enjoyed his job, but he wanted to make sure he had the resources to retire when he was ready. We quantified his resources and rearranged his assets to provide greater income in the future. The anticipated income would generate taxes, but we offset this impact by investing in a charitable income plan.

Situation 2: Business Transfer

Susan and her husband needed to understand the financial impact of transferring her business assets to their children. How could taxes be reduced? How could the child who is not in the business be treated fairly? We addressed their goals through the mechanism of a family limited partnership and by discounting gifts.

Situation 3: Too Busy to Focus

Henry was an important figure with a busy schedule. His wife was concerned that their inattention to details was leading to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. We simplified their investments, changed the allocation and set benchmark targets to strive for each year.

Situation 4: Executive Confusion

Mark is an executive with a high tech firm. His option plan with Incentive Stock Options (ISO) and Non-qualified stock options (NSO) options offered many complicated alternatives. Our model helped to quantify and clarify his option exercise strategy.

Situation 5: Life Insurance Quagmire

Phil had several different life insurance policies that he had accumulated over the years. Some were owned by him, some by his wife and one by an insurance trust for which they could no longer find the original instrument. We were able to determine which policies were worth keeping and which should be replaced - and how they should be owned to manage estate taxes.

Note: The situations may not be representative of any future experience of our clients, nor considered a recommendation of the advisor's services or abilities or indicate a favorable client experience. Individual results will vary.