What is a financial plan?

Financial planning is simply taking control of your financial life and working toward realistic goals. A plan can help you live within your income, spend wisely and save more effectively. In simple terms, the objective of a financial plan is to provide for the accumulation and conservation of your assets.

What do you offer?

I design financial strategies for individuals and businesses. I can help you develop a comprehensive plan and work toward meeting specific goals in areas such as:

  • Retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Educational funding
  • Investment management
  • Business continuation
  • Employee benefits
  • SERPs
  • Split dollar
  • Disability

What process do you use in your work?

I begin by helping clients establish their goals. These goals are quantified with dollar amounts and time horizons and plugged into a financial model that encompasses risk tolerance, taxes, costs, and diversification. I help clients implement, monitor and review the plan.

Who are your clients?

My services are attractive to a wide variety of sophisticated clients, including the owners of businesses, professionals, and highly compensated corporate executives. My clients tend to be extremely busy career-oriented individuals who respect the professional attention and time I can devote to their financial affairs.

How do we get started?

While each client's needs are unique, the basic planning process includes:

  • A statement of goals
  • A risk profile
  • An income statement
  • A balance sheet

How am I compensated?

I am paid in one of two ways, depending on the client's situation:
Fee only: For planning, I charge a flat fee on a project basis. Investment management fees are charged on a percentage of assets basis.
Fee offset: I offset the fees for the planning process against commissions from the sale of financial products.