Welcome from J. Hans Stumm

I am a third generation financial planner and insurance agent, with degrees from Dartmouth College (AB 1972) and Harvard Business School (MBA 1975). I have been offering objective financial counsel to individuals, institutions and businesses for over twenty years. Find out more about my services

 What's Your Situation?

"Am I saving enough for my retirement?"
"Am I confident my assets are invested in the right places?"
"Have I planned my estate so that it will be distributed according to my wishes?"
"Am I doing enough to save for my children's education?"
"Am I paying too much in taxes?"
"How should I handle my employee stock options?"
"I'm seeing a change in my circumstances—I could use a new point of view."

If any of these questions have been bothering you, but you have not had time to deal with them, give me a call. As an experienced LPL Financial Planner, I can help you define your goals and manage your assets to work toward those goals. You will have confidence, knowing that you are managing your finances according to a comprehensive plan.